Bloody Red Baron January Reviews
"A wild bluesy streak runs through this album, which covers a lot of territory from shit-kickin’ good ole boys to Brit pop rave-ups. Singer/songwriter Rob Carey has steel in his voice and plays fluent harmonica, highly effective on the country numbers. “Dream While You’re Awake” is a hortatory U2-ish anthem leading into the memorable “She’s Gonna Explode.” They touch Yardbirds on “February Roses,” but no one will accuse them of imitating the Yardbirds. “In The Water” is a stand-out with its whistling chorus and a memorable bridge. Can’t you just hear the Rolling Stones singing “Running Free?” “Starting Over” could have been written by Joan Armatrading but again, the Headlocks sound like nobody else. “Way Up Wait Up” could have been written by Scott Sax. This is tart rock served straight." FOUR STARS Mike Baron
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